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Build Greater Resilience in Your  Supply Chain Networks 

Adapting Supply Chains to the Post-Virus World 

Ensure Resilience and Increase Robustness of Your Supply Chain

Identify Risks
Find hidden risks in your multi-tier supply chain
Evaluate impact
Understand the financial and operational impact of disruptions
Optimize Resilience
Simulate changes and optimize risk inventory and mitigation measures

Benefits of the E2E Risk Guru Solution

Data-Driven Approach

Traditional models in risk management require subjective judgment (e.g. type and probability of risk)  which renders them often impractical to use. Our approach leverages available supply chain data (e.g. ERP data) in the in the OPTANO platform.

End-to-End Analytics

The multi-tier supply chain with all its interdependencies, volumes, and capacities is considered in a digital twin. This allows identifying hidden risks and evaluating the full operational and financial impact of disruptions. 

Optimization of Strategies

The digital twin allows simulating alternative supply chain configurations and risk-mitigation strategies (e.g. dual-sourcing, back-up capacity). Furthermore, prescriptive algorithms allow for the automatic and intelligent optimization of risk-inventory and capacity expansions.

We Provide Prescriptive Risk Analytics for Supply Chain Professionals:

Risk assessment of the supplier base and evaluation of multi-sourcing or backup strategies. Proven methodology to identify risks beyond tier 1.
Supply Chain & Logistics
Identification of weak links in supply chains and better coordination of inventory and capacity to secure supply
Risk Management
Financial and operational evaluation of risks and disruptions. Support for calculating business cases of risk mitigation strategies.
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